You may have been among the crowd that joined us in Paris in January for the launch of our campaign. Or perhaps you were there on the other side of the Atlantic, when we headed to New York in February? Even if you weren't, but have been following us on social networks, you couldn't have missed our Express Yourself exhibition!

Express Yourself

EXPRESS YOURSELF is an ode to young NØ NAME women, and in particular to women's freedom. We spread the message during the Paris and New York fashion weeks, and we're hoping that in the near futurewe'll be able to do so in Tokyo. NØ NAME is global; a brand that reaches across oceans and continents to get its message out there!

So what exactly is Express Yourself? It's a travelling event featuring artists loved by young fashionistas in France, New York and Tokyo. In addition to female liberty and in true NØ NAME style, volume is at the heart of this artistic venture - complete with our iconic black and white look! For our Spring-Summer 2020 collection, we've given platform sneakers a fresh lease of life with the launch of our new M, L, XL lines. Enjoy a daring "high life" with bags of style, thanks to soles that reach a lofty 9 cm in height! Like the oversized Plato on display, the exhibition features collages by Emir Shiro and dresses from the House of P collective, made with… Flex Joggers! Without forgetting the immersive digital experience provided by artistic videos.

At the end of the EXPRESS YOURSELF tour, all works will be sold and proceeds given to a charity that fights for gender equality.

And further down the line?


NØ NAME continues to push the boundaries of self-expression as different genres blend together and become one: No Name is celebrating its EXPRESS YOUSELF philosophy with the launch of the IRON sneaker. From sizes 36 to 45 / black / white / low / mid: the choice is yours!

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