Spice up your look with savage animal prints. This season, No Name decks out your sneakers in timeless feline designs. Grrr!

Spice Sneaker

This year, the most stylish feet will once again be seen in ageless animal prints. Ever fashionable, these designs come in a range of colors and textures to mix and match this season, on No Name’s Arcade Straps, Spice Sneaker and Nitro Jogger. Welcome to the jungle!

It’s safari time! Are you into Spice Sneaker? Their chunky style is packed with elegance and cool. With their flat laces and their light, flexible soles, they will easily give you a two-inch boost. Their normally subtle look is getting wild, with leather uppers in leopard print on a sand-colored background. For the lucky few, No Name has another surprise in store: get your strictly limited edition leopard print in Fifty Shades of Grey and Spice Sneaker in Tundra/Black exclusively from the e-shop!

Arcade Straps. The little flat sneaker with three Velcro straps is back in no less than 10 wild designs. Leopard print in brown, sand or grey, light-colored bobcat print with sand-colored straps or a fuchsia heel, bobcat print in sand with an optional emerald heel… Having trouble choosing? That’s not all No Name has to offer, with three new designs for an even more sophisticated look, available exclusively on our e-shop: velour in royal blue or Bordeaux with animal print straps, or all-over python black.

Are you a die-hard fan of the futuristic Nitro Jogger? No Name has reinvented its original 1993 iconic model. The result: an extra-lightweight version with a high-tech sole over two inches high, perfect for your avant-garde look. This fall, go for the multipatterned zebra/leopard prints, available in two versions. Subtle black-and-white or color-block Black/royal blue. One icon, many possibilities.

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