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NØ NAME is a French brand, founded in 1991 by the Rautureau family. NO NAME is known for its iconic platform sneakers for women, made famous by the Spice Girls in the 2000’s. In 2024, NO NAME opens up to sneakers for men, because style has no gender.

NO NAME shoes continue to offer heights to women and men to celebrate their differences, with chunky soles, which set our sneakers apart. Street and lifestyle, the NO NAME’s sneaker embodies your audacity, without any complex.

Welcome to the colorful and casual world of NO NAME sneakers, the ultimate sneaker expert for years !

Our passion for urban life is reflected in the wide sneakers range, for men and women, that combines style and comfort perfectly. Whether you're looking to complete your streetwear looks with emblematic trainers or to adopt a casual everyday look with colorful sneakers, our NO NAME collection will answer all your needs.

NO NAME sneakers captivate your audacious and trendy urban spirit, with unique models and innovative details that don't go unnoticed. Crafted with care, our men and women’s trainers blend qualitative materials and cutting-edge designs to offer you an optimal convenience and exceptional durability. Retro style or refined lines of the modern white sneakers, each NO NAME platform trainer, low or high, will assert your style with insurance.

Our fashion sneakers for women

Wear our NO NAME women’s shoes and opt for authenticity and originality. Our emblematic sneakers for ladies ,such as the BRIDGET SNEAKERS or the PLAY SNEAKERS, are the must-have shoes, made of canvas or leather, with pop colours and style at every step. High or low platform sneakers, like the IRON MID or the PLATO, add another dimension to your look. Their timeless thick sole will make you reach new heights. While the ARCADES, the classic colorful straps sneakers , are the wardrobe staples to be on top for every occasion. Getting our NO NAME joggers NO NAME, is choosing comfort.Our shoes are crafted from quality materials,to guarantee a perfect fit and a greater foot support all day long. For a day at the office or a relaxed evening,NO NAME sneakers and joggers allow you to combine style and fashion.

Our fashion sneakers for men

Slipping on our men’s sneakers NO NAME signed since 2024, it’s choosing authenticity and singularity ! Our emblematic joggers, like the KRAZEE RUNNER, true icons of urban fashion, inspired by running sneakers, stand proudly on a graphic sole, surprisingly light. The CARTER FLY, with their dynamic silhouette and innovative details, add an energy boost to your outfits. While the CARTER JOGGER ensure a harmonious fusion of style and ease ! Our men’s joggers are designed to combine elegance and comfort. Whether you have a preference for leather sneakers or canvas tennis shoes, each pair is carefully elaborated with qualitative materials. The joggers and sneakers for men, are your perfect allies to express your personality.

Choose NØ NAME’S sneakers, it's choosing to be on trend for every occasion

Assert and show your style with the NO NAME sneakers and joggers.Join the urban fashion lovers community and let yourself be seduced by the boldness, ease and originality of our iconic NO NAME platform sneakers, runners, joggers or tennis shoes.Whether you like high or low sneakers men’s , lace-up or straps joggers , white or colorful trainers, make every step a style statement with NO NAME ! Explore our diverse jogger collection and let the authenticity and originality of NO NAME models tempt you.