The signature platform

Founded in 1991 by the French Rautureau Apple Shoes group, with its iconic wedge sole, a 5 cm high platform with many variations, the No Name brand immediately became a must-have in France.

The non-conformist touch of the “Plato Sneaker”, with its sporty yet decidedly feminine design, has positioned itself on the French market since 1993 as an iconic object. Not just a shoe, but a symbol.


The No Name Woman

No Name shoes are best paired with the steps of a woman with a personality of her own, independent of passing fashions. Attracted by their unique mixture of street & pop, sport & casual, she shows off her No Names to portray that strong personality of hers every day.

No Names want to be on the feet of a modern, strong, characterful woman, where they can add their own irreverent and arty touch.

The No Name brand does not follow fashion but dictates it, along with the women who wear its designs. A modern, chic object in bold colours, they have also been known to venture into two-tone, varnished, and marbled versions, so the wearer can play with her own assertion of style.

Choosing between different assemblages of leather and canvas, varying vibrancies of colour, between collections of sneakers and wedge sandals, No Name befits a step with a strong identity from a certain French milieu, distinguished by its taste and originality.


Sales points in Paris

A footwear brand that is emblematic of the 90s, No Name opened its first Paris Boutique in the city’s historic Marais district in 2019. That treasure chest naturally rolls out the iconic platform sneakers, along with more retro designs such as the Flex Jogger, the Bridget, the Carter, and sandals with voluminous soles, now a must in the world of girl power for all ages.

In 2021, No Name opened its second store on rue Etienne Marcel, in the heart of the street culture district.